Nonlinear magneto-optical rotation with parametric resonance


We report on investigations of nonlinear magneto-optical rotation (NMOR) in rubidium vapor subjected to a modulated magnetic field and continuous-wave (CW) laser-light illumination. By superimposing modulation and a static (DC) magnetic fields, we demonstrate the appearance of resonances at both small and large (compared to the ground-state relaxation rate) values of the static field. Since in conventional NMOR, there is no rotation at high fields, this suggests an existence of a novel mechanism generating anisotropy in the considered case, which we identify as parametric resonance. The experiments are performed using light of small ellipticity and rotation signals are significantly enhanced by combining atom-induced polarization rotation with a passive rotation induced with a wave plate. All the experimental observations are supported with theoretical simulations. The density-matrix formalism and angular-momentum probability surfaces are used to provide intuitive explanation of the observed signals. 

Autorzy / Authors: 
P. Put, P. Wcisło, W. Gawlik, S. Pustelny
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