Measurement of atomic Stark parameters of many MnI and FeI spectra lines using GMAW process


The particular character of the welding arc working in pure argon, whose emission spectrum consists of many spectral lines strongly broadened by the Stark effect, has allowed measurement, sometimes for the first time, of the Stark parameters of 15 MnI and 10 Fe I atomic spectral lines, and determination of the dependence on temperature of normalized Stark broadening in Ne = 1023 m−3 of the 542.4 nm atomic iron line. These results show that special properties of the MIG plasma may be useful in this domain because composition of the wire-electrode may be easily adapted to the needs of an experiment.

Autorzy / Authors: 
S. Zielinska, S. Pellerin, K. Dzierżęga, F. Valensi, K. Musioł and F. Briand
Journal of Physics D 43, 434005
Tematyka badań: 
Plazma indukowana laserowo