Cold atoms

Since 1997, our group has a number of magneto-optical traps for atoms. We deal with novel ways to diagnose cold atoms based on nonlinear spectroscopy.


Magnetometry utilizes a relationship between physical properties of medium and external magnetic fields. 

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Laser induced plasma

What plasma is ? Plasma is by far the most common form of matter.

Spectroscopy of molecules and quantum information

Laser spectroscopy of van der Waals molecules produced in free-jet supersonic beams Laser spectroscopy of van der Waals diatoms produced in supersonic beams is a source of information on the ground


Low-power lasers are used for some time in the treatment of numerous diseases, although the physical mechanism of the effects of their actions is very unclear.

Diamonds with nitrogen-vacancy (NV) color centres

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Nuclear magnetic resonance in Zero and Ultra Low Magnetic Fields


            Nuclear Magnetic resonance (NMR) is one of the most powerful analytical tec

Surface plasmon polaritons

Surface plasmon polaritons allow us to precisely control atomic degrees  of freedom with optical potentials as well as to construct  ultrasensitive detectors of toxic compounds.