Study of Stark broadening of Li I 460 and 497nm spectral lines with independent plasma diagnostics by Thomson scattering


We present results of experimental and theoretical studies of the Stark broadening of the Li I
460 nm spectral line with forbidden components and of the isolated 497 nm line. Plasma was
induced by Nd:YAG laser radiation at 1064 nm with pulse duration ∼4.5 ns. Laser-induced
plasma was generated in front of the alumina pellet, with some content of Li2CO3, placed in a
vacuum chamber filled with argon under reduced pressure. Plasma diagnostics was performed
using the laser Thomson scattering technique, free from assumptions about the plasma
equilibrium state and its composition and so independently of plasma emission spectra. Spatially
resolved spectra with Li lines were obtained from the measured, laterally integrated ones
applying the inverse Abel transform. The Stark profiles were calculated by computer simulation
method assuming a plasma in the local thermodynamic equilibrium. Calculations were
performed for experimentally-inferred electron densities and temperatures, from 1.422×1023 to
3.55×1022 m−3 and from 1.96 eV to 1.04 eV, respectively. Our studies show very good
agreement between experimental Stark profiles and those computer simulated.

Autorzy / Authors: 
K. Dzierżęga, T. Pięta, W. Zawadzki, E. Stambulchik, M. Gavrilović-Božović, S. Jovićević and B. Pokrzywka
Plasma Sources Science and Technology 27, 025013
Tematyka badań: 
Plazma indukowana laserowo
Spektroskopia laserowa