Precision temperature sensing in the presence of magnetic field noise and vice-versa using nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond

We demonstrate a technique for precision sensing of the temperature or the magnetic field by
simultaneously driving two hyperfine transitions involving distinct electronic states of the nitrogenvacancy
center in diamond. Frequency modulation of both driving fields is used with either the
same or opposite phase, resulting in the immunity to fluctuations in either the magnetic field or the
temperature, respectively. In this way, a sensitivity of 1.4 nT Hz-1/2 or 430 µK Hz-1/2 is demonstrated.
The presented technique only requires a single frequency demodulator and enables the use
of phase-sensitive camera imaging sensors. A simple extension of the method utilizing two demodulators
allows for simultaneous, independent, and high-bandwidth monitoring of both the magnetic
field and the temperature.
Autorzy / Authors: 
A.M. Wojciechowski, M. Karadas, A. Huck, C. Osterkamp, S. Jankhuhn, J. Meijer, F. Jelezko, and U.L. Andersen
Appl. Phys. Lett. 113, 013502
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