Optical Magnetometry Based on Nanodiamonds with Nitrogen-Vacancy Color Centers


Nitrogen-vacancy color centers in diamond are a very promising medium for many sensing applications such as magnetometry and thermometry. In this work, we study nanodiamonds deposited from a suspension onto glass substrates. Fluorescence and optically detected magnetic resonance spectra recorded with the dried-out nanodiamond ensembles are presented and a suitable scheme for tracking the magnetic-field value using a continuous poly-crystalline spectrum is introduced. Lastly, we demonstrate a remote-sensing capability of the high-numerical-aperture imaging fiber bundle with nanodiamonds deposited on its end facet.

Autorzy / Authors: 
A. M. Wojciechowski, P. Nakonieczna, M. Mrózek, K. Sycz, A. Kruk, M. Ficek, M. Głowacki, R. Bogdanowicz, and W. Gawlik
Materials, 12(18), 2951
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