Our article in Nature Astronomy

On November 2, Nature Astronomy published the article "Quantum sensor networks as exotic field telescopes for multi-messenger astronomy", co-authored by Szymon Pustelny. The article describes a new technique providing astronomy with yet another channel of information about the surrounding universe. Thanks to the use of a network of quantum sensors (atomic clock or optical magnetometers), search for ultra-light particles of dark matter, also called extremely light fields (ELFs), became possible. Synchronizing of the readouts of the networks with data measured with telescopes, neutrino detectors, gravitational wave detectors, etc. provides multi-messanger astronomy with new signals. This may be of particular importance in the search for physics beyond the Standard Model in areas hitherto inaccessible to the searches. A particular example of sich area are catastrophic astronomical events such as supernova explosions and black hole collisions, where jets of ultralight particles are being generated.

More information can be found at: https://rdcu.be/b9ByS