Nitrogen-Vacancy Color Centers Created by Proton Implantation in a Diamond


We present an experimental study of the longitudinal and transverse relaxation of ensembles of negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy (NV−) centers in a diamond monocrystal prepared by 1.8 MeV proton implantation. The focused proton beam was used to introduce vacancies at a 20 µm depth layer. Applied doses were in the range of 1.5 × 10^13 to 1.5 × 10^17 ions / cm^2 . The samples were subsequently annealed in vacuum which resulted in a migration of vacancies and their association with the nitrogen present in the diamond matrix. The proton implantation technique proved versatile to control production of nitrogen-vacancy color centers in thin films.

Autorzy / Authors: 
M. Mrózek, M. Schabikowski, M. Mitura-Nowak, J. Lekki, M. Marszałek, A. M. Wojciechowski and W. Gawlik
Materials, 14(4), 833
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