Piotr Put gets PhD!!!

The public defense of Piotr Put's doctoral dissertation took place on July 5, 2022. In the presence of the reviewers, Prof. Morgan Mitchell (ICFO Barcelona) and Prof. Władysław Węglarz (IFJ Krakow) and members of the departmental committee appointed to conduct the defense, Piotr gave a short presentation (20 minutes) discussing the results achieved during his PhD and gave a comprehensive answer to the questions of reviewers and the audience gathered in the lecture hall. After the public part of the defence, the Committee decided unanimously to ask the Discipline Council to grant Piotr a doctorate degree and recognize his dissertation. This application was approved at the meeting of the Discipline Council on July 7, 2022, which was the final confirmation of Piotr's PhD.

Piotr, congratulations and best wishes for success in your further professional activity !!!