Creation and measurement of coherent superposition states in multilevel atoms


We propose and analyze a scheme for creation of coherent superposition of meta-stable states in a multilevel atom. The scheme is based on interaction of a frequency modulated (chirped) laser pulse and a pulse of a constant carrier frequency with the atom having two meta-stable (ground) states and multiple excited states. The negligible excitation of the atoms is a priority in the proposed scheme to eliminate the de-coherence processes caused by the decay of the excited states. The scheme is applied to create coherent superposition of magnetic sublevels of ground states of the 87Rb atom taking into account all allowed electric-dipole transitions between magnetic sublevels of the 5 2S1/2 – 52P3/2 transition (D2 line).

In addition to the theoretical analysis we consider possible experimental realizations of the proposed coherence creation scheme and discuss their feasibilities and constraints. We concentrate on a detection of the superposition state in the Faraday-rotation experiment. Such detection reduces technical laser noise background and offers high sensitivity of the coherence detection. Moreover, it allows extra control of the atomic sample and the interaction dynamics by external magnetic field. 

Autorzy / Authors: 
G.P. Djotyan, N. Sandor, J.S. Bakos, Zs. Sörlei, W. Gawlik, A. Wojciechowski, J. Zachorowski, S. Pustelny, G. Yu. Kryuchkyan
Proc. of SPIE Vol. 7998 79981A-1
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