Profiles of (υ′;υ″=0) bands recorded in excitation spectra using b30+u ←X10+g transition in Cd2 and B31←X10+ transitions in CdAr


Profiles of the (υ′;υ″=0) vibrational bands recorded using the b30+u ←X10+g and B31←X10+ transitions in Cd2 and CdAr complexes, respectively, are presented and analyzed. Specifically, CdAr and Cd2 complexes are simultaneously propagating in a supersonic beam. Transitions in these complexes can be used to provide the conditions for selective detection of one of the complexes in the expansion. Extended analysis of the B31 and b30+u-state vibrational progressions provided improved values for ωe′ xe′ and ωe′ vibrational characteristics, as well as De′ well depths and Re′ bond lengths of the B31 and b30+u-state potentials. Several of the CdAr bands were recorded with partly resolved rotational structure. The new characterization of the B31 state, along with results of the rotational and isotopic analyses of the band profiles, agrees with the most recent results of ab initio calculations; while results obtained for the b30+u state call for improvement in the ab initio calculations for Cd2.

Autorzy / Authors: 
T. Urbańczyk and J. Koperski
Mol. Phys. 112, 2486
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