Rotational profiles of vibrational bands recorded at the B31(53P1)←X10+(51S0) transition in CdAr complex


Analysis of profiles of (υ′;υ″=0) vibrational bands, (υ′=0,1,2,4,5), recorded with partly resolved rotational structure using the B31(53P1)←X10+(51S0) transition in CdAr is presented. The analysis allowed for determination of the Bυ′ and Dυ′ rotational constants, and new values of ωe′ vibrational frequency and De′ well depth of the B31-state interatomic potential. The new characterization of the B31 state in CdAr is closer to the result of recent ab initio calculations [Chem. Phys. Lett. 471 (2009) 29] than results of our previous study performed with vibrational resolution [Spectrochim. Acta A 56 (2000) 1613].

Autorzy / Authors: 
T. Urbańczyk and J. Koperski
Chem. Phys. Lett. 591, 64
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