LIF dispersed emission spectra and characterization of ZnRg (Rg=Ne, Ar, Kr) ground-state potentials


Laser-induced fluorescence dispersed emission spectra recorded using the C1Π1(υ′)→X1Σ0+ transition in ZnKr, ZnAr and ZnNe complexes are reported. The complexes were produced in a continuous free-jet beam crossed with a pulsed dye-laser beam. The spectra were recorded using a spectrograph equipped with CCD camera. The recorded profiles displayed characteristic Condon internal diffraction patterns. The patterns consisted of reflection type continuous features corresponding to bound→free transitions and bound→bound transitions. In simulation of the spectra, M-S(9.09,7.81), M-S(10.86,10.32) and M-S(14.49,8.91) Maitland-Smith M-S(n0,n1) functions were found to represent the repulsive walls of the X1Σ0+-state potentials of ZnKr, ZnAr and ZnNe, respectively. The obtained results were compared with available experimental and theoretical representations of other studies.

Autorzy / Authors: 
M. Strojecki and J. Koperski
Chem. Phys. Lett. 479, 189
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