Genetic algorithm for obtaining potential energy curve of diatomic molecules based on dispersed fluorescence spectra

The method for reconstruction of an adiabatic potential energy curve from experimental dispersed fluorescence spectra has been developed. The novelty of the method relies on a unique approach of simultaneous use of bound → bound and bound → free parts of the spectrum. The method is based on the Genetic Algorithm (GA) procedure and determines potential energy curve integrally, below and above the dissociation energy limit. The method was tested on the artificially generated reference spectrum as well as experimental spectrum of G0u+(v'=39) → X0g+ transition in Hg2. The tests show very good accuracy of simulation based on GA results with artificially generated reference spectrum as well as with the experimental one.
Autorzy / Authors: 
T. Urbańczyk, J. Koperski, G. Kaszewski, M. Synak, J. Swenda, M. Krośnicki
Sci. Rep. 13, 17413
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Spektroskopia laserowa
Spektroskopia cząsteczek
Inna tematyka