Fabrication of high-density nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center-enriched diamond particles through methyl trityl amine (C20H19N) seeding

Diamond particles (DPs) show promise for advanced applications in bioimaging and quantum sensing due to the
presence of defect centers. This work reports a unique growth process for diamond particles composed of nitrogen-
vacancy centers (NV-DPs) using a methyl trityl amine (C20H19N) diamondoid seed, which acts as a nitrogen
source for NV creation. Growth was performed via microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition in a
CH4/H2 plasma. Tantalum plates were chosen as the substrate to facilitate the release of the NV-rich DPs after
growth. Raman spectra of NV-DPs grown at 550 °C showed a sharp, intense peak at ~1334 cm−1, while those
grown at 750 °C exhibited a broader, high intensity peak at 1336 cm−1. Photoluminescence revealed the formation
of high-density NV centers, with the highest intensity for NV-DPs grown at 750 °C and 20 Torr. Optically detected
magnetic resonance confirmed the presence of NV centers, especially for DPs grown at 750 °C. This seeding
process enables precise nitrogen incorporation into diamond crystals to generate required spin properties by
growing high-quality, well-faceted NV-DPs with customizable NV densities.
Autorzy / Authors: 
S. Kunuku, M. Ficek, S. Sengottuvel, J. Ryl, M. Mrózek, A. Lewkowicz, A. Wojciechowski, Robert Bogdanowicz
Diam. Relat. Mater., 142, 110860
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