Near-zero-field microwave-free magnetometry with nitrogen-vacancy centers in nanodiamonds


We study the fluorescence of nanodiamond ensembles as a function of static external magnetic field and observe characteristic dip features close to the zero field with potential for magnetometry applications. We analyze the dependence of the feature’s width and the contrast of the feature on the size of the diamond (in the range 30 nm–3000 nm) and on the strength of a bias magnetic field applied transversely to the field being scanned. We also perform optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) measurements to quantify the strain splitting of the zero-field ODMR resonance across various nanodiamond sizes and compare it with the width and contrast measurements of the zero-field fluorescence features for both nanodiamonds and bulk samples. The observed properties provide compelling evidence of cross-relaxation effects in the NV system occurring close to zero magnetic fields. Finally, the potential of this technique for use in practical magnetometry is discussed.


Autorzy / Authors: 
O. Dhungel, M. Mrózek, T. Lenz, V. Ivády, A. Gali, A. Wickenbrock, D. Budker, W. Gawlik, and A. M. Wojciechowski
Opt. Express, 32(12), 21936-21945
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