Multimodal Analysis of Traction Forces and Temperature Dynamics of Living Cells with Diamond-Embedded Substrate


Cells and tissues are constantly exposed to chemical and physical signals that regulate physiological and pathological processes. This study explores the integration of two biophysical methods: traction force microscopy (TFM) and optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) to concurrently assess cellular traction forces and the local relative temperature. We present a novel elastic substrate withembeddednitrogen-vacancy microdiamonds that facilitate ODMR-TFM measurements. Optimization effortsfocused on minimizing sample illumination and experiment duration to mitigate biological perturbations. Our hybrid ODMR-TFM technique yields TFM maps and achieves approximately 1 K accuracy in relative temperature measurements. Our setup employsa simple wide-field fluorescence microscope with standard components, demonstrating the feasibility of the proposed technique in life science laboratories. By elucidating the physical aspects of cellular behavior beyond the existing methods, this approach opens avenues for a deeper understanding of cellular processes and may inspire the development of diverse biomedical applications.


Autorzy / Authors: 
T. Kolodziej, M. Mrózek, S. Sengottuvel, M. Glowacki, M. Ficek, W. Gawlik, Z. Rajfur, and A. Wojciechowski
Biomed. Opt. Express, 15(7), 4024-4043
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