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Integration of Fluorescent, NV-Rich Nanodiamond Particles with AFM Cantilevers by Focused Ion Beam for Hybrid Optical and Micromechanical Devices M. Ficek, M. J. Głowacki, K. Gajewski, P. Kunicki, E. Gacka, K. Sycz, M. Mrózek, A. M. Wojciechowski, T. P. Gotszalk, W. Gawlik and R. Bogdanowicz Coatings, 11, 1332 2021
Characterization of strong NV- gradient in the e-beam irradiated diamond sample M. Mrózek, A. M. Wojciechowski and W. Gawlik Diam. Relat. Mater., 120, 108689 2021
Zero-Field NMR of Urea: Spin-Topology Engineering by Chemical Exchange S. Alcicek, P. Put, D. Barskiy, V. Kontul, S. Pustelny J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2021, 12, 43, 10671–10676 2021
Wireless photodiode for optical and atomic physics experiments T. Kawalec, P. Sowa Rev. Sci. Instrum. 92, 114711 2021
Search for topological defect dark matter using the global network of optical magnetometers for exotic physics searches (GNOME) S. Afach et al. Nature Phys. 17, 1396-1401 2021
Quantum sensor networks as exotic field telescopes for multi-messenger astronomy C. Dailey, C. Bradley, D. F. Jackson Kimball, I. A. Sulai, S. Pustelny, A. Wickenbrock, and A. Derevianko Nat. Astron. 5, 150-158 2021
Rotational characterization of the E3Σ1+(5s6s 3S1) Rydberg state of CdNe van der Waals complex via selective J-excitation in OODR process Tomasz Urbańczyk, Joanna Sobczuk, Jarosław Koperski Spectrochimica Acta A: Mol. Biomol. Spectrosc., 264, 120248 2022
Magnetically-sensitive nanodiamond thin-films on glass fibers P. Czarnecka, M. Jani, S. Sengottuvel, M. Mrózek, P. Dabczynski, A. Filipkowski, I. Kujawa, D. Pysz, W. Gawlik, and A. Wojciechowski Opt. Mater. Express, 12(2) 444-457 2022
Tellurite Glass Rods with Submicron-Size Diamonds as Photonic Magnetic Field and Temperature Sensors Z. Orzechowska, M. Mrózek, A. Filipkowski, D. Pysz, R. Stępień, M. Ficek, Adam M. Wojciechowski, M. Klimczak, R. Bogdanowicz, W. Gawlik Adv. Quantum Technol. 5(3), 2100128 2022
Optical-optical double resonance process in free-jet supersonic expansion of van der Waals molecules: characteristics of the expansion, number of excited molecules and emitted photons J. Sobczuk, T. Urbańczyk, J. Koperski Mol. Phys. 120, e2024614 2022
Application of Deep Neural Network in Finding of Repulsive Part of Molecular Potential Based on Dispersed Emission Spectra P. Gosz, M. Krośnicki, J. Koperski, T. Urbańczyk Acta Phys. Polon. A 141, 81-87 2022
Para-hexaphenylene (p-6P) nanofibers grown on a silver surface for polarization-insensitive surface plasmon polariton excitation E. K. Sobolewska, A. Laghrissi, T. Kawalec, L. Jozefowski, H.-G. Rubahn, J. Adam, J. Fiutowski Opt. Commun. 511, 127995 2022
Volumetric incorporation of NV diamond emitters in nanostructured F2 glass magneto-optical fiber probes A. Filipkowski, M. Mrózek, G. Stępniewski, J. Kierdaszuk, A. Drabińska, T. Karpate, M. Głowacki, M. Ficek, W. Gawlik, R. Buczyński, A. Wojciechowski, R. Bogdanowicz, M. Klimczak Carbon, 196, 10-19 2022
Magnetically sensitive fiber probe with nitrogen-vacancy center nanodiamonds integrated in a suspended core A. Filipkowski, M. Mrózek, G. Stepniewski, M. Glowacki, D. Pysz, W. Gawlik, R. Buczynski, M. Klimczak, and A. Wojciechowski Opt. Express, 30(11) 19573-19581 2022
Rydberg states of ZnAr complex A. Kędziorski, P. Zobel, M. Krośnicki, J. Koperski Mol. Phys. 120, e2073282 2022
The lowest-lying Rydberg state of CdAr van der Waals complex: The improved characterization of the interatomic potential J. Sobczuk, T. Urbańczyk, J. Koperski Spectrochimica Acta A: Mol. Biomol. Spectrosc. 282, 121655 2022
Role of high nitrogen-vacancy concentration on the photoluminescence and Raman spectra of diamond M. Jani, M. Mrózek, A. M. Nowakowska, P. Leszczenko, W. Gawlik, A. M. Wojciechowski Phys. Status Solidi A,220(4), 2200299 2022
Polarimetric method of plasma diagnostics K. Oganesyan, K. Dzierżęga, P. Kopcansky, A.H. Gevorgyan and M. Timko Laser Physics Letters 2022
Plasma Stark effect of He II Paschen-α: Resolution of the disagreement between experiment and theory F. Sobczuk, K. Dzierżęga. E. Stambulchik Physical Review E 2022
Stabilization of Spin States of an Open System: Bichromatic Driving of Resonance Transitions in NV Ensembles in Diamond W. Gawlik, P. Olczykowski, M. Mrózek, and A. Wojciechowski Opt. Express, 30(25), 44350-44364 2022