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Tytuł/Title Autor Czasopismo/Journal Rok/Year
Ro-vibrational cooling of diatomic molecules Cd2 and Yb2: rotational energy structure included T. Urbańczyk, J. Koperski Molecular Physics 118, e1694712 2020
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Precision temperature sensing in the presence of magnetic field noise and vice-versa using nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond A.M. Wojciechowski, M. Karadas, A. Huck, C. Osterkamp, S. Jankhuhn, J. Meijer, F. Jelezko, and U.L. Andersen Appl. Phys. Lett. 113, 013502 2018
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Isotopologue-selective excitation studied via optical-optical double resonance using the E3Σ1+(63S1)←A3Π0+(53P1)←X1Σ0+(51S0) transitions in CdAr and CdKr van der Waals complexes T. Urbańczyk, J. Dudek, J. Koperski J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transf. 212, 32 2018